Working In a Pandemic

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In a time where the message to most folks seems to be to ‘stay at home’ to keep people safe, I am allowed more bodies in my classroom than could view my covid-ridden corpse at my own funeral. Our collective school tolerance for coughing has moved to DEFCON-4: any kid…

Few games of the 21st century have shouted their way into the collective consciousness more loudly than Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I can’t quite believe it was released nearly eight long years ago. Remember those TV spots accompanied by the gravelly-Swedishness of Max Von Sydow? And who can…

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A few weeks ago I ‘celebrated’ my 32nd ‘name day’. Reflecting on a decidedly disappointing and unremarkable birthday (who wants to be 32, I ask you?), I realised I had been working full-time for a decade.

Ten years of work and I feel like my ‘working life’ has transcended ages…

Or; how I learned to stop wasting my free time, by writing instead

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I have a confession to make — and given the current audience it’s likely to be a shocker:

Until little over a month ago, I had never even heard of Medium.

That is, until the moment my…

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I’m not sure if I believe in ‘regret’ in the sense of ‘I wish that hadn’t happened at all’.

I like to think that every experience — no matter how shitty — adds Shrek-style layers to your character and moulds you into the (hopefully) well-rounded mammal that you are today.

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If you are in any sort of position of power: in management, starting a company or growing your business beyond the confines of your garage, I expect you will be interviewing someone, at some point.

Even if you work in entirely on Medium and sip away at a vanilla latte…

Those of you who are around the age of thirty may remember the halcyon days of split screen joy. Maybe you have romantic memories of times where you were mocking your friends as you gleefully traded fired pixels back-and-forth in well-worn locations like Facility or Frigate. Or maybe you simply…

The perfect, quick, cheap and thoughtful gift for a special person

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For many of us, I’d imagine the thought of writing a personal, intimate letter or a ‘love letter’ to a special person, is horrifying.

It can be daunting to condense thoughts into sentences. Maybe you’re concerned that you won’t…

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I came down with the Chickenpox at 30 — A dark omen at the start of my middle leadership adventure.

Curse you mother for not sending me to a bloody pox party to exchange bodily fluids with the other sick children!

It turns out at that at the age of…

Mackenzie Ross

Scottish Teacher and MSc student at Edinburgh Uni. All about Whisky, Beer, Board Gaming and Dogs. Getting back into writing after a long thesis grind.

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